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Apex. Your closings just got easier.


Apex Closing Services, LLC is your premier solution for title and settlement services throughout the United States. Leveraging the latest technology to add security and efficiency to the title process, Apex Closing Services, LLC is committed to protecting your client's property and supporting you through the loan transaction process.

Business Conference
Conference Room

When it comes to your Real Estate transactions, why not work with
experienced professionals. Here are some additional details for you.

Let our experienced team help you across the United States with:

Refinances or Purchases 


Reverse Mortgages (RM)
over a decade of experience

​​Construction and Renovations

Investor - Fix and Flip, single or
multiple properties

Bulk Transactions - Multi-State or Single State, small to medium sized portfolios

Non US Owner or Foreign transaction

“We take care of the title and settlement details, so you can focus on your clients!”

Modern Office Building

Professional Services

Let Apex Closing Services, LLC assist you with your title & escrow needs.

Paved Terrace

Title Insurance

House in Suburb

Settlement Services

Business Handshake

Closing Appointment Coordination


eClosing Options



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